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PRA Consultants set a new standard of how a Reserve Study professional can operate. PRA Consultants utilize the PRA Master System. All reserve study databases produced are located on an Internet servers which can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. While data is entered from the field it is immediately accessible at the home office. If desired, clients may be permitted access into the system to participate with the consultant via phone in performing financial parameter "what if" scenarios. This will save the consultant time and effort in the "back and forth" finalization of the financial plan and the maintenance fee contribution amount. The client can view desired reports assuring the end product delivered is what they are expecting.

A customized Master Item List is produced in the system where items can be directly selected, automatically eliminating the redundancy of entering data. Report customization is easily done by opening in Excel or Word. No worries about data being lost due auto backup of the servers. Every time entering the system it will check for version updates and automatically update the system. When it comes to reserve study systems, we are your in-house software developers.

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