PRA System: Video Tour

System Overview Videos

Master System Overview
The Master System is for Reserve Study Consultants and Companies, Management Companies and the Vacation Ownership Industry

HOA/POA System Overview
The HOA/POA System is for small to large Home Owner Associations, Master Associations, and any other type of common-interest-development.

Modules Overview

Master List Selection
Master List Selection allows for multiple reserve items to be entered simultaneously. On the intial reserve date entry of property, the Master List Selection module will decrease the time of data entry by 70%.

Definition is the first step in preparing a Reserve Study in the PRA System. This is where properties are configured (i.e. number of units, phases, buildings or floors, models, etc.

New Reserve Item & Tracking
New Reserve Item is reserve items are added in the system. The system accounts for reserve items as either Common Area or Unit items and has two distinct methods for tracking them: Logistical and Cycle.

Global Parameters-Optimizing the Future Plan
Global Parameters allows for finalizing and optimizing the funding plan via Rate of Inflation, Rate of Investment, Contribution Factor (annual increases to the contribution amount), Ajustment Factor (adjusting the system calculated contribution), Contingency along with other useful features.

Reports (Under Construction)

Image Manager
For importing images or pictures to be utilized or merged into Reserve Item Notes and Report Templates/Documents.

Report Writer
For preparing documents to be included in a finalized report. Report Writer contains pre-formatted Report Templates that have existing merged data and image fields. The templates are: Annual Reporting Summary, Blank Template (for complete customization), California Disclosure Summary, Cover Letter, Cover Page, Reserve Study Summary and Table of Contents.

Report Builder
Once reserve items have been entered or updated, the financial plan is finalized through Global Parameters, Report Templates/Documents are finished, then final report can be produced which can be saved as Word doc or as a PDF.

Following Year Update
How to update the Analysis Date to the following year and updating reserve items that were scheduled to replaced prior to the new Analysis Date entered.

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