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PRA Update - August 24, 2012

Master System:

1) The initial Analysis Date is now required when adding a new property.

2) The Master Item (Reserve) List can now be created in Excel and imported with the following fields:

  • Description
  • Category
  • Sub-Category
  • Estimated Useful Life
  • Basis Measurement
  • Basis Cost
  • Notes (generic)

Work Area:

1) View-Percent Funded has a new column: Contribution % Change

2) Edit/Delete Reserve Item screen:

  • Sub-Category field added
  • Freight & Install % field added, adds percentage of Basis Cost to the Basis Cost in Item Data calculations
  • Item Data fields added: Description, Location and Condition

3) New Reserve Item Excel Import has the following new fields:

  • Sub-Category
  • Secondary Description
  • Location
  • Condition (after entering Location <click> [tab] to Condition field and then space bar will activate drop down with following selections: Fair, New Excellent, Poor, Replace Now, Good, or enter a condition type
  • Notes

Common Area Multi-Tracking can now also be imported from Excel. Use the same Description, Category and Sub-Category for adjacent rows (going down) for the number rows desired in the Edit/Delete Reserve Item Data screen. Estimated Useful Life, Measurement Basis, Basis Cost will be the same.

The following workbook format downloads to Excel can be selected for entry:

  • Service Date (system automatically calculates Replace Date and Replace Years)
  • Replace Date (system automatically calculates Service Date and Replace Years)
  • Replace Years (system automatically calculates Service Date and Replace Date)

Each row of data is can have its own specific info for the following:

  • Quantity
  • Secondary Description
  • Location
  • Condition
  • Notes (notes only needs to be entered on the first row)

4) Reports:

  • Item Parameter-Detail, List Order sort by Location, (<click> Landscape and Line Desc. boxes and select List Order-Location) additional columns: Secondary Description and Condition
  • Item Parameter-Detail, List Order sort by Description, (<click> Landscape and Line Desc. boxes and select List Order-Description) Item Code or Category has additional columns: Secondary Description, Location and Description
  • Percent Funded-Annual has added column: Contribution Percent Change
  • Percent Funded-Annual now has three formats: Annual, Beginning Balance (percent funded) and Ending Balance (percent funded)
  • Allocation Reports now categorized by: Percent Funded, Accountants, FL (Florida) Reserve Disclosures, CA (California) Disclosures, AZ (Arizona) Disclosures and Component Funding

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