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The original PRA (Property Reserve Analysis) System was designed in 1988/1989 as a multi-faceted asset management tool (physical and financial). Prior to the PRA System only spreadsheets or paper and pencil were used to perform the task at hand. It could be utilized in any scenario where the long-term maintenance or replacement of real or personal property existed (i.e. common interest developments (wholly owned condominiums and timeshare), hotels, golf courses, commercial property, etc.)). It afforded the user the ability to efficiently budget and schedule for long-term maintenance and replacement of real and personal property, while accurately formulating a financial plan. In 1992 the system introduced cash management, the planning of investment of funds for maximization of return and producing cash availability reports based upon a budgeted cash flow. The system followed the guidelines set for financial forecasting and projecting by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). The PRA system was not developed to dictate how a reserve analysis or study should be prepared or calculated, but supplied the user with the capabilities for creating plans in which to produce a customized analysis and report tailored to meet desired specific needs.

The first version of the PRA System was developed in April, 1989. The system wasn't much more than a simplistic, user-friendly, menu-driven database software, but it got the job done. In the beginning of 1989, PC software applications were still working within the 640 K conventional memory limitations and the 286-20mghz processors were state-of-the-art. As the system was further developed and became more dimensional to meet user's true needs, it became obvious why this product had not been developed before. Due to the complexity of the program and the potential size of the data bases, PC hardware and software was not available in the eighties to meet the challenges of the PRA System. The concepts of the system would have only been available in a mainframe environment, which would have made hardware costs prohibitive for the potential small user. When the 640K conventional memory barrier was eliminated and with the development of faster processors, the system was able to progress as planned.

The original DOS version of the PRA System ceased development of any new features and reports in December, 1995. The system continued to be licensed until 2005. Original users have continued to use this system until being recently updated with the next generation of the PRA System. As the original 1989 DOS system was on the cutting edge of technology, the new PRA System is once again state-of-the-art with many new features, navigation and reports. With the multi-site, multi-property tracking capabilities, quantity purchasing reports can now be produced. The system is now a Windows, Internet based system utilizing Microsoft.Net, Microsoft SQL and WestWind technologies.

Management Team

Bill Chaffee, President

Bill Chaffee, President & COO of Advanced World Concepts, Inc.

Bill Chaffee is the President and Chief Operations Officer of Advanced World Concepts, Inc. (the developer and distributor of the PRA System). He is a past Certified Public Accountant and has over 30 years of operational and financial experience of which two years were in Europe.

A seasoned financial officer with controllership experience and a results-oriented background in start-ups and reorganizations with proven success in strategic planning, sourcing of capital, and innovative solutions in the execution of business strategies. Focal strengths are: enhancing an enterprise's intrinsic value through optimized strategic plans; financial/operational solutions to match market scope and scale; goal directed communications both internally and externally; and specializes in system designs and analyses.

Previously, he served as Director of Reorganization Advisory Services and Director of Litigation Support with Deloitte-Touche. He also was the Chief Financial Officer of The Welk Resort Group and the Financial Director for the Global Group of Companies, once the largest resort developer in Europe.

Bill Plander, Director of Development

Bill Plander

In 1989, William Plander developed the original PRA System software that took the world of reserve management by storm. Now, Bill is back as the lead software developer for the next-generation, web-based PRA System. With over twenty years of experience as a freelance consultant and software developer, Bill's areas of technical expertise include Microsoft .NET, SQL, and Visual FoxPro.

Known in the industry as a maverick 'mad professor' of data processing, Bill specializes in turning raw data into meaningful and actionable information. He believes in creating software that is smart, intuitive, and easy to learn and use. Thanks to Bill, the new PRA System is just that.

Karen Holden, Director of Sales / Director de Ventas

Karen Holden, Director of Sales, PRA System.

Karen brings more than 30 years of business and sales management, including mergers and acquisitions, and extensive timeshare experience to Advance World Concepts Inc., and representing the PRA System.  Residing in Mexico for over 20 years, Karen continues to use those skills in working with a number of resort and timeshare properties in Mexico to help them get set up in their back office administration, or grow and expand, or rejuvenate, depending on the needs of the project or property owner(s).

Karen has been involved in the timeshare industry since her first purchase in 1979 and also seen how the industry has changed over the past 35 years and how it needs to adapt to the changing marketplace.   In 2006 she wrote and published the book Simplifying Timeshare, which was written to help timeshare owners in understanding and learning how to use their timeshare properties successfully.    The updated version of her book will be released in the summer of 2014.  In addition to writing on the timeshare industry, Karen has also co-authored a sales book called They Buying Curve.   In 2013 Karen became a Mexican citizen in addition to maintaining her Canadian citizenship.


Karen tiene más de 30 años de experiencia en negocios y gestión de ventas, incluyendo fusiones y adquisiciones, así como una amplia experiencia en tiempo compartido para Advanced World Concepts, Inc. y que representa PRA System.  Residiendo en México por más de 20 años, Karen continúa utilizando esas habilidades al trabajar con una serie de resorts de tiempo compartido y propiedades en México ayudándoles a poner en marcha la administración, a crecer y expandirse, o renovarse, dependiendo de las necesidades del proyecto o propietario(s). Karen se concentrará en las relaciones sur de la frontera de los EE.UU. la expansión a nuevos mercados.

Karen ha estado involucrado en la industria del tiempo compartido desde que su primera compra en 1979 y también ha visto cómo la industria ha cambiado en los últimos 35 años y cómo se tiene que adaptar al mercado cambiante.  En 2006 escribió y publicó el libro Simplifying Time Share, que fue escrito para ayudar a los propietarios de tiempo compartido en la comprensión y el aprendizaje de cómo utilizar sus propiedades de tiempo compartido con éxito. La versión actualizada de su libro será lanzado en el verano de 2014. Además de escribir sobre la industria de tiempo compartido, Karen también ha sido coautora de un libro de ventas llamado The Buying Curve.  En el 2013 Karen se convirtió en ciudadana mexicana, además de mantener su ciudadanía canadiense.

For more information and how to purchase books by Karen:

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