The PRA Master System

For Reserve Study and Property Management Companies

The PRA Master System is an enhanced module for managing multiple properties which utilizes all the features of the PRA (Core) System. It accommodates any type of common-interest-development. From wholly-owned condominiums, townhomes and master HOA/POA to timeshare/vacation ownership. Individual unit/model reserve contribution can be calculated by: number of weeks, points, percentages or entitlements.

The following is an overview to the PRA Master System. Based upon 20 years of development, the PRA Master System has many advanced features from navigation, tracking methods and reporting while tracking and linking multiple sites and properties reserve items together producing Quantity Purchasing reports.

Unique unit interior tracking is structured based on model formats: whole units, multi-floor, lock-offs, ADA, etc. Cycle method tracking gives complete flexibility for scheduling of reserve items in any type of situation.  

The systems only requirement is being connected to the Internet and works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. As Windows works on a desktop concept where multiple applications can be open at the same time, so does PRA. The system has its own desktop where multiple screens can be open simultaneously (i.e. the Financial Parameters screen and the Work Area-View Cash Flow screen are both open at the same time for running “what if” scenarios). At the bottom of the desktop is a navigation bar which indicates what screens are currently open, from which a screen can be accessed from the screen’s navigation bar button. Reports are run as PDF’s and all reports can be opened in Excel CSV Delimited, Word or HTML or saved on an archive basis.

The system can reside on an unlimited number of computers at multiple sites which have multiple properties with the database files located on a central Internet server with real time updating. This configuration will allow flexibility on how the system will be utilized while providing powerful tools which will generate interaction and communication between properties while reducing data entry. Below is a flow chart of the PRA Master System:

The PRA Master System has a corporate version and site version. The Corporate version controls set up of sites and properties and has access to all sites and properties. There can be multiple sites which have multiple properties. See the follow flow chart above.

In the past all users designed their own customized plans for determining how to set up their properties and track reserve items in the system. The new systems infrastructure lays out a plan of how to track multiple properties efficiently while decreasing initial data entry and updating. The following is a synopsis of the PRA Master System:

  • The system controls the entry of the properties. It defines the property name, site location, region and state which integrate with the Quantity Purchasing reports.
  • A Master Item list is generated for generic reserve items (or grouping of items) which can be selected from by any of the properties.
  • Quantity Purchasing reports can be produced for an individual reserve item by properties, sites, regions or states. This will provide the ability for multiple properties purchasing for better pricing.

After properties are set up the Master System, then the property configurations are defined in Manager>Definition. Keeping in mind unit tracking and property configurations can be set up by phases, buildings or floors. This is primarily useful when units are tracked logistically (by location).

For complete system features go to PRA Features.

For a Video Presentation Overview of the Master System go to Master System Video. 

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