The PRA Core System

For Individual Properties

The PRA (Core) System is for single properties and accommodates any type of common-interest-development. From wholly-owned condominiums, townhomes and master HOA/POA to timeshare/vacation ownership. Individual unit/model reserve contribution can be calculated by: number of weeks, points, percentages or entitlements.

Based upon 20 years of development, the PRA System provides individual Homeowner Associations (HOAs) and Property Owner Associations (POAs) with a powerful tool for managing their reserve items easily while preparing reserve studies. Spreadsheets are a thing of the past when compared to a user-friendly, intuitive system which accurately calculates reserve funding plans utilizing a variety of financial parameters: inflation, interest earned, taxes on interest, annual contribution increases, contingencies, special assessments, loans, one time expenditures, and many other useful options.

It is an easy five step process for producing reports:

1)     Definition – define the characteristics of the property, i.e. number of units, phases, buildings or floors, models, etc.

2)     Reserve item data – enter description, estimated useful life, cost and when the item needs to be replaced, refurbished or maintained next.

3)     Financial Parameters - enter the beginning cash balance, inflation and investment rates, annual contribution increases, etc. for producing “what if” cash flow scenarios until the desired results are achieved.

4)     PRA Reports & Charts– select PRA reports and charts to be included in the final report.

5)     Report Builder – create final report combining PRA reports and charts with images, narratives, auto table of contents and page number. 

Reports meet all state and the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA) Common Interest Realty Association (CIRA) reporting requirements. Reports are customizable if needed.

The system can easily be updated by forwarding the analysis date on a monthly basis. Once the analysis date has been forwarded, the Warnings report will guide the users to reserve items that need to be updated. Take the Reserve Management Economic Challenge and find out much can be saved while the association has control of its own destiny by having an in-house reserve management system.

For complete system features go to PRA Features.

For a Video Presentation Overview of the HOA/POA System go to HOA System Video.

25 Years: The leading reserve management system since 1989.THE LEADING RESERVE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION SINCE 1989
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