PRA System User Testimonials

“Coming from another system we had a long list of requirements. The switch to new software without overcoming some hurdles is never easy. Especially, considering we were loading over 60 associations. But during our transition into PRA, the developers were always open to listen to our requirements and smooth out any issues with our users. Overall, PRA has provided fast and accurate responses to our questions, coupled with the fact that their software is fast and easy to use.”

Dale Curtin, Senior Vice President of Starwood Vacation Network

 "My overall expectations have been met and even exceeded, with the robustness and flexibility of the program. I now have a system that can be managed effectively without enormous amounts of input and provides the financial information I need for maximizing cash flow and cash management decisions. The process of setting up reserve studies for our new projects was looking like a monumental task. However, with the PRA System, it was achieved with relative ease. PRA has developed a new tracking method called Cycle Tracking which allows us to budget and project expenses for when maintenance or replacement is planned, on a floating basis. The method dramatically reduces the amount of data entry required for the majority of the interior content items."

Sharon Zornes, Association Controller of Welk Resorts

"The PRA System is a valuable work tool which allows us detailed control of all renovation requirements into the future to assure excellent accommodations for our members. It gives us complete ability to track unit interior items being reserved for. From the member’s point of view, it calculates the optimum member contribution. PRA is very versatile and user-friendly." 

"El sistema PRA, es una valiosa herramienta que nos permite un control detallado de todos los requerimientos de renovación de equipo de operación y activos, que asegura excelente y placentera estancia de nuestros Socios y Huéspedes, nos da una excelente habilidad para aplicar las reservas para las que fueron creadas. De cara a los Socios, nos permite un correcto calculo de contribución en las cuotas de mantenimiento, y por ultimo y no menos importante, el sistema PRA es muy amigable y versátil."

David Aparicio, Director Regional de Operaciones of Club Melia

"We initially utilized the PRA System in 1993. It is the preferred reserve study software in our industry because the developer is committed to
100% satisfaction. The system contains an array of features that will simplify initial development and the on-going updates of your reserve
study plan. The reports produced are logical and easy to understand by Board members. I highly recommend PRA System."

Dale Goodman, RRP, President of GOODMANagement

"Our business has been supported by PRA since 1994 without failure. The new system gives us upgraded flexibility of how we can logistically use the system on the Internet, while being even more time and cost efficient entering data and producing reports."

Mike Graves, RS, President of SCT Reserve Consultants

Island One Resorts


 "For approximately fifteen years, the PRA System has given Island One Resorts Hospitality Group the flexibility on managing and reporting reserve funds for eleven owner associations. The PRA System has the controls necessary to account for small, medium and large properties, and allows us to include any and all cash flow "what if" scenarios.

Rick Ganley, Controller of Island One Resorts


"In utilizing the PRA system, we are able to streamline the renovation planning process while incorporating our thorough knowledge of all interior and exterior costs associated with a renovation. It is an ideal collaboration."

John Farrow, President of Farrow Commercial, Inc.


" We have 10 homeowner associations, which vary in age, style, and square footage. Each association has been using the PRA system since 1996, and we’ve never had a special assessment due to the programs forecasting tools. The program is easily understood by all of our board of directors, as well as homeowners. The newest version of the program has many new features that we are looking forward to implementing. The PRA staff has been extremely responsive to any technical support question."

Cindy Chandler, Director of HOA Services at Mount Bachelor Village Corp

"The Property Reserve Analysis PRA System from Advanced World Concepts is amazing. The PRA System is a feature-rich data collection and analysis program; generating quality reports for our clients has never been simpler. I have used many reporting tools throughout my 35-year career, and this is by far the easiest and most cost effective solution I have encountered. It has given our company the ability to provide quality Reserve Studies to our clientele. Advanced World Concepts’ customer support is second to none. Bill Chaffee could not be more helpful and patient."

Greg Marell, President of Marell Inspection Services

" We are a property manager that uses the PRA System to manage Reserve Studies for our Homeowner Associations (HOAs). I would highly recommend PRA for all HOA property managers so their HOAs may review the scheduled expenditures and the necessary funding each year based upon the Reserve Study. The software is easy to use for entering reserve items identified in a Reserve Study. The ability to insert and update photos with descriptions is an excellent feature to assist our HOA Boards to understand what it all means in a language they understand. It is an excellent program with “accurate projections”. I would highly recommend implementing this software as a property manager to provide better service to your HOAs."

Teri Jones, Manager of Summit Legend

"The PRA System is a great tool that perfectly complements our team of Reserve Study Professionals. It allows us to quickly work through infinite options with our clients. Good value and good service can be hard to come by these days, but Bill Chaffee and the PRA System continue to treat us like their most important client while continually improving the system. On a whole, we're very satisfied!"

Ryan Lent, President of R. Lent Reserve Studies

Dunes HOA
   "As the treasurer of an 80 unit homeowners association I was searching for an alternative approach to managing the association's reserve analysis. We needed a cost effective, user friendly, web-based, hassle-free proven system that we could depend on for reliable and accurrate results. Property Reserve Analysis "PRA" software was by far, the best solution available. Advanced World Concepts, Inc. has created a category killer with the PRA System. When coupled with unbeatable customer support, there is no better application on the market.

Gary J. Testa,Treasurer ofKingston Dunes HOA

Criterium Collins Having done reserve studies over the past 15 years, it has been our quest to find a user friendly software program to collate the data and present the pertinent financial information in an easy to read format. We have tried at least three different approaches to this problem over the years and have always found that the programs were lacking in detail, ease of use, customization and time saving. Further, some of the programs had perpetual programming errors which caused major inefficiencies in producing reports. Another program did not allow changes in primary data without long recalculations. Nearly all the programs did not appear to have been evaluated by a CPA . The PRA reserve program system has solved all these problems for us and has increased our efficiencies in report preparation by a large degree. After a modest amount of time setting up the system using some custom parameters and narrative, our report prep has been cut in half. In addition, the support by Bill Chaffee has been superb with prompt support and answers to questions almost always within the day. Another feature which we find very useful is the fact that the program can be accessed, with proper license sign in protocols, by any computer which allows changes and what-if scenarios from any location and has also contributed to time savings. We will be using this system for the foreseeable future since we have not found anything else that compares and cannot recommend it enough.

Galen Doody Criterium-Collins Engineers

The Blue Whale


"Of the various reserve study software programs we have used over the last 20 years, PRA is by far the best. The software is extremely versatile with impressive reporting and has made our reserve forecasting easy. No software developer until now has taken the time ensure the client understands the many areas of their program."

Larry Edleman Property Manager , The Blue Whale


"The Lakes Country Club Association, Inc. has been using the PRA System since 1994.The system has all the flexibility of tracking, managing, and reporting reserve funds for all the departments of the Club. It allows for doing multi-dimensional "what if" scenarios when preparing the financial plan while optimizing the owner's maintenance fees. The system also allows us to account for rental income and one time expenditures. I recommend this system and Bill Chaffee very highly."

Buzz Radoff, Former GM/COO of The Lakes Country Club





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