Support and Updates

The Subscription Fee includes real time updates and support. If the AICPA or individual state requirements change or have additions, Advanced World Concepts, Inc. (AWC) takes the responsibility of updating the system with the latest developments. Also, if users have any ideas or additions that they would like to see in the system, we have a very good history of making requested additions.


  • Updates of new features & reports
  • Auto Update of system
  • E-mail notification of updates

AWC takes pride in its unparallelled online real time support. The PRA System, being Internet based, gives the ability to the user and AWC to be looking at the same thing on the Internet real time.


  • Telephone/online support
  • E-mail support
  • Integrated Help system

If you are required to have an annual AICPA audit, the system automatically produces the AICPA report relating to reserves (Audit and Accounting Guide for Common Interest Realty Associations, Exhibit 1.7). Once the user's auditor knows that the PRA System is producing this report, then there will be no need to compensate them to prepare or audit Exhibit 1.7 on an annual basis.

Additional Items:

  • Limitless computer installations
  • Real time auto backup of data
  • Archived Data Retrieval - save multiple database "What If" scenarios

The system can be installed on as many computers that the user chooses. This is possible due to, once again, the PRA System being Web based with a central server that is continually backed up. Never have to worry about losing any data and all past/saved databases are archived for retrieval at anytime.


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