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Reserve Item Data Excel Workbook Import

New PRA Sytem Feature: Reserve Item Data Excel Workbook Import


Common area reserve item data can now be entered or copied/pasted into PRA pre-formatted Excel Workbook-Spreadsheet which then can be imported into the PRA System. This is a tremendous time saver for moving individual property databases that exist in Excel originating from other database software (i.e Access) or other reserve study software. As fast as the data can be copied and pasted the data can imported into PRA in minutes. Once the one time narrative templates are formatted with custom merge fields (which are available to all properties), a final report with auto table of contents and page numbering can be produced in less than 30 minutes (additional time is required if including reserve item notes and images).  

Excel Workbook Import Procedures:

First, an Analysis Date must be assigned before an Excel Import can be performed (a reminder box will appear if an Analysis Date has not been assigned).

From “Work Area Main Menu” select “New Reserve Item”, <click> “Import from Excel” [box] and <click> OK (“Master List Selection” that was on the Main Menu has been moved to this selection screen).

The “Excel Import” screen will appear with the fields that will be generated for entering the reserve item data into the Excel Workbook:

Basis (measurement)
Basis Cost
Service Date – Replace Date – Replace Years (see below)
Useful Life (estimated)

There are three types of Excel Blank Workbooks that can be generated:

1)    Service Date – the placed in Service Date is entered, PRA will generate the Replace Date and Replace Years based on the Analysis Date and Estimated Useful Life after imported.

2)    Replace Date – the Replace Date is entered, PRA will generate the Service Date and Replace Years based on the Analysis Date and Estimated Useful Life after imported.

3)    Replace Years – based on the Analysis Date the number of years until it will be replaced is entered, PRA will generate the Service Date and Replace Date after imported.

Upon selection of one of the Excel Workbook types above, the Workbook will open in Excel. Data then can be manually entered or copied/pasted. When finished the Excel Workbook is saved (make it note where it was saved).

In the PRA Excel Import screen select “Import File” and the Windows browser will open. Find the spreadsheet and <click> OK. The data will now be visible in the “Excel Import” screen. Select “Save” and the data will be imported to the PRA database cloud server.

Check the internal audit Warnings for any required data adjustments. The reserve item data can be edited, and reserve item notes and images added. With pre-formatted narrative templates created, a final report (with custom logos, headers and footers) can be generated in less than 30 minutes.

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