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Custom Headers and Footers

To increase the professional appearance and consistency from page to page of PRA System generated reports, we have added improved custom header and footer features. Now narrative templates and PRA reports and charts can have the same headers and footers.

First do a Manual Update of your system (Desktop>System>License Information and <click> the Manual Update button and follow the “bouncing ball”).

After doing the update go to into a property and then Work Area>Report Writer. Under Templates (upper left hand corner of the screen) select New. Under the Editor menu select Position Footer. At the bottom of the page you will have access to the footer area.

Build your footer as desired utilizing the formatting tools in the top tool bar. If images are to be included in the footer import the images in the Image Manager and enter them into the footer via the Editor menu>Merge Field List>Images selection (please do not cut and paste images into the system, utilize the Image Manager).

Note: images can be resized by editing the merge field text:

<%IMG= AWC Logo, 250 %> edit the “250” up or down for sizing

The following is an example of a footer that can be produced:

...your timeshare reserve study specialists...
Copyright 1989 - 2014 All Rights Reserved

Once the footer is produced, under the Template menu select Save Report, name the template and Save.

For narrative templates that you want to use the footer you have created for PRA reports and charts, copy the footer directly into those templates.

For adding the generated footer template to PRA reports and charts, go to:

Work Area>Reports>Report-Chart Settings>Custom Hdr. Ftr.

In the Templates list, highlight your named “Custom Footer” file and <click> the “<-“ button adding it to the Header Footer File box. <Click> the Report Footer and Builder Footer boxes and select Save in the Update menu. This will now show up in the PRA reports and charts.

Make sure to <click> the Report Footer and Builder Footer boxes.

The same procedure is used for generating Report Headers in the same template as the footer was generated.

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