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Based upon over 20 years of development, The PRA System is designed to solve your Reserve Management problems, not add to them.

PRA was the first distributable reserve management plan software initially released in 1989. PRA has many unique features, but the most compelling is a unique infrastructure based on monthly tracking, calculations and reporting.

This allows customers to produce annual reports with a much higher level of accuracy, and enables managing reserve funds by individual financial instruments. Plus, by utilizing cash availability reports, financial instruments can be invested for longer periods of time, maximizing the returns on reserve funds. Following are just a sample of PRA's Exclusive Features:

  • CPA Quality Assurance Evaluation
  • System servers are AICPA SAS 70 Type I & II Certified
  • System operates on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines
  • Real time auto updating
  • Auto back-up
  • Data file, date hierarchy retrieval (save multiple databases with different "What If" scenarios)
  • Notifications of data missing or in need of updating
  • Tracking reserve items by unit
  • Reserve item logistic & cycle tracking
  • Integrated cash management features
  • Annual contribution increase by year
  • Monthly contribution allocation
  • Customizable Report Writer/Editor (full text) with data/images, customizable fields, and time-saving merge previews
  • Pre-formatted report templates with data/image fields 
  • Dynamic Table of Contents with automatic page numbering 
  • Customizable allocation reports

Additional Features

In addition, several features have been built in to ensure that the software fits your needs, not the other way around:

  • Access from any Internet connected device
  • Complete, flexible windows interface
  • Multiple Windows desktop
  • Utilizes traditional Windows menu and navigation architecture
  • Interfaces with all printers with preview: PDF, Excel, Word & HTML
  • Custom Property Definitions
  • Near limitless reserve item capacity
  • Common Area item tracking: individual and multiple
  • Unit item tracking: individual, individual/group mixed by phases, buildings or floors
  • Tracking methods: logistic-fixed, logistic-adjusted and cycle
  • Track up to 9999 individual units
  • Track Units by their actual unit number
  • Category tracking
  • Track unlimited number of bank accounts and financial instruments
  • Auto year to year roll forward for future updating
  • Warning System lists missing data or data that requires updating
  • Warning list items are hyperlinked to the appropriate edit page
  • Fully integrated help system
  • Calendar date selection
  • Report and Maintenance notes
  • Spell check and thesaurus
  • Insert Images/Pictures
  • Archived Data Retrieval

Register today and see for yourself how our features can provide change save you time and money.


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25 Years: The leading reserve management system since 1989.THE LEADING RESERVE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION SINCE 1989
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