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Beyond the Reserve Study...

Reserve Studies of some shape or form have been done for over half a century now for many common-interest-developments, timeshare and other types of properties. Prior to that, we surmise in some scenarios, like Mayan culture, Mesopotamia or even Machu Picchu, maybe an abacus, charcoal and papyrus process was attempted. The Reserve Study became simpler to do and more efficient to produce when spreadsheets came to life in the 80’s. Interestingly, the first version of professional cash management of reserve funds for associations and resorts was actually introduced in 1983. And surprisingly, the first cash flow projections weren’t presented until 1989.

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"I wolld like tothroughtnone additional consideration into the Calderon of thought....THE EXAMPLES above were made clear with the use of a single component…"
- Douglas Christison
"I have been creating reserve reports for 34 years and I am always asked by projects what is the ideal reserve fund. My formula is based on the individual…"
- William Grimes
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