From unit to unit,
& everything in between.

PRA Sytem offers eight different methods for tracking individual unit & common area reserve items.

40,000 foot view - from two feet away.

Using PRA's multi-window layout, forecasting and what-if scenarios have never been easier.

Global Reach

United States, Canada, Middle East, Northern Africa, India, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Canary Islands, Spain...PRA's the #1 choice for managing multi-national properties.

Managing your reserve funds accurately has never been easier.

PRA System is the most comprehensive set of reserve study software tools available today. It's designed to get you up and running quickly, and offers a deep set of scenarios, forecasting models and reporting features to make reserve management run like clockwork.

See how it works using your own data: send us one of your existing reserve studies and we'll prepare a demo just for you.

What's New?The latest from our blog

May 14

Reserves: No Standards for Calculations or Reporting

After more than two decades of review and re-calculating numbers in reserve studies, it is conclusive that there is a range of different financial results being produced by reserve study companies. (Continued)

Jan 15

Reserves: A History of an Un-Unified Understanding?

With the introduction of common-interest-developments some 50 plus years ago, came the requirement of Reserves: the long-term maintenance and replacement contribution plan for the common areas. (Continued)

25 Years: The leading reserve management system since 1989.THE LEADING RESERVE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION SINCE 1989
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What They're Saying

Sharon Zornes, Associate Controller, Welk Resorts

Setting up reserve studies for our new projects looked like a monumental task. However, with the PRA System, it was achieved with relative ease. I now have a system that can be managed effectively without enormous amounts of input.

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